GeoComply plugin required in New Jersey
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To download the Casino at bet365 App to your iPhone or iPad, simply search for ‘Casino at bet365’ in the App Store then follow the installation instructions. The Mobile Casino app is supported on iOS 10 or higher.

For Android devices, firstly adjust your security settings to allow the installation of Apps from sources other than the Play Store, (go to Settings > Security and tick "Allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store"), then go to the Casino in your browser and start the download. Once the download is complete, follow the instructions provided. The Casino at bet365 App is supported on Android 5.0 or higher.
The Casino at bet365 app is free to download and use. Data charges may be applied by your service provider. For data charge information, please contact your service provider.
The Casino at bet365 app offers extra features and faster gameplay, it’s the easiest way to play Mobile Casino.
If you forget your password you can click here and enter the details that match the information held on your account. Alternatively, Contact Us and one of our Customer Service advisors will be pleased to assist you.
Certain devices have a low specification audio player which may cause jerky graphics. To improve the display, turn off sound in your device settings.
The game will pause automatically; on some phones it may lose connection. When your call has finished, the game will resume automatically or you can resume by returning to the normal location of the game. You should be able to continue your game from where you left it, or log in again and resume a broken game.
Once the connection has improved or your battery has charged, log in to Mobile Casino and you should be able to continue your game where you left it.